Sunday, January 15, 2012

9 months

You are growing bigger everyday. At 9 months you weigh 19.80 pounds and 30 inches. You learned how to do a lot of new things the past month including holding your own bottle. You are in the early stages of learning how to crawl right now it looks more like inch worming. You are also starting to try to pull up on everything.

Sunday, January 8, 2012


Last stop on our vacation was Miami to visit Buba Chick and Papa Dick, Aunt Stephie, Uncle Joe, Cousins Nat and Tre, Great Aunt Simi, and Uncle David. You still weren't felling well, but no one would know by the amount of smiles and laughs. You had tons of fun hanging out at the pool playing the drum on a tissue box when you weren't grabbing for hats and sun glasses. Your favorite part was playing in the pool or maybe eating sand at the beach.

First hair cut

We took you to get your first hair cut at Knockouts and boy did you need it. You sat on my lap and did great. You enjoyed holding your own comb, which helped you not to grab for the scissors.

Nana's house

Next we went to visit Nana and Grandpa and Auntie Sam too.

You got a bad cold followed by a stomach bug, but you didn't let it stop you from having tons of fun. You loved the crazy noises and faces Grandpa made at you.

 You enjoyed eating all the vegetables Nana bought you. Your favorite thing was having a party on New Year's eve and everyone fighting over who could make you laugh more.


You woke up Christmas morning to a tree full of presents. You got some great things like a push walker and all sorts of things to shake and chew. After the exhausting job of opening and checking out every new toy it was nap time. After nap we went to open more presents with your cousins. You all looked very cute in matching pjs.

Christmas eve

After Disney we all went to Gammie and Pop's house for a few days. You enjoyed playing with new toys like the car walker and rocking horse.

You got to experience your first Christmas eve party. You did great meeting tons of new friends. You even got to see Santa and get a new snail toy. Your train sweater vest was a big hit and everyone loved your hat.


We were lucky to get to spend some great quality time with Gammie, Pop, Auntie Christie, Uncle Kevin, and cousins Hailey and Emma in Disney. You had fun like usual since you are such a happy guy.

 You got to go on a few rides again like the Small World and Dumbo. You also got to go a few new rides  like Pirates and Figment. You also met tons of characters and your cuteness got you far with all the princesses. The toy you liked the best was a sword that came with breakfast at the castle.

Your favorite part was at night when Gammie would come play with you on the bed. It was during the time that you learned to roll from your back to your belly.