Friday, September 5, 2014


A few great family pictures.


You guys are great friends a lot of the time and love to be near each other. There has been a lot of fighting over toys lately, but yet other time you are wrestling and can not get enough of each other.

Silly guy

You are turning into quite the silly boy pretending to be an animal and asking for tick tock clock upside games.


We went to a BBQ with daddy's work friends and to say you had a blast wouldn't even begin to describe it. When asked about it you would say they have 1 doggie, 2 kitty cats, 5 goats, and a trampoline and ATV too. You got to feed the goats, which you thought was pretty fun. Of course the trampoline you could live on. The ATV you got to wear the helmet and that was the coolest thing ever. The cat loved you and you even got him to chase you around playing stick.

Water time

We are getting in the last of water play when we can.

Ice cream

There has been a lot of ice cream trips this summer. You like cookie dough or M&M the best.


School started up again and you have a new teacher this year. You cried the first day but have loved it since. You run out of school telling me about the pictures you made that day followed by what was for snack. 

Nana visit

We were lucky enough to have nana visit and boy did we keep her busy. We took her to the church play place followed by burger guy for lunch. Other adventures included Boonshoft, Steak & Shake, McDonalds play place, library storytime.


You started soccer this month and have enjoyed it. You listen well to the coach and do great on the field. 

Stick playground

We went to a new nature playground you call stick playground. You enjoyed the tree bench the best or maybe the bugs. 

Fire truck festival

We went to a fire truck fedtival where you got to paint a truck and drive a truck. You also got to use a fire hose to move a ball across a rope.