Sunday, November 16, 2014


You dressed up as Buzz for Halloween. You were got into it this year and it was fun to see. We had your friends over for a playdate that morning with costumes and fun foods. That night you were so excited for trick or treating and walked the whole neighborhood. You didn't love a few spooky costumes or houses but didn't let that stop you. We went to AFIT trick or treating the day before. 


We spend every Monday morning at speech and have for over a year. You get to play anything you want while Sarah trys to get you to repeat certain sounds and words.


Soccer ended and you haven't asked about it since. You would rather collect leaves then play soccer. You always did what the coach asked and never complained but you weren't exactly competitive either. 


You ask to go to Boonshoft atleast every few days. Whats not to like animals, water tables, and trucks too. This month we went with Collin and again with school friends. 

Run around fun time

We had a fun family day to Run around fun time. You liked the cars and gas the best. But played in the bouncy house a lot too. You dressed up as a fireman. You played restaurant. Its a really fun place I see many future visits. 

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Field trip

You had your first school field trip to the pumpkin patch with your friends. You picked out a pumpkin and we went to sit with your teacher and friends to decorate it. You picked some markers to draw on it and a feather to stick in it. There was also animals to see and who could forget the pool of hay to throw around. It was fun to see you interacting with your friends.

Play date

We had a playdate with your friend from school Cayden. I always talk to his mom at pick up and we have played with him a few times now. You had a blast having leaf fights. And of course your old stand by of the spinning toy.

Central park

Mommy we go to park you know one with yellow twisty slide. How could I say no to that. You and Max kept having races on the blue slide. Mommy say ready set go and we race. It was a perfect fall day.

Auntie Sam

We were lucky enough to have Auntie Sam come visit us. We took her to Steak and Shake, elephants, apple picking, apple festival with a hay ride, and a lot of playing at home. It was so nice to have her to play with. you loved saying over and over again watch me Auntie Sam as you showed off every trick you had. She even got to come watch a soccer game.

Collin birthday party

We went to an amazing birthday party for Collin. There was games, magic show, balloon animals, fast painting, cupcakes too. RJ says his fav thing was the water squirt gun game of shooting ping pong balls off golf tees. You loved the dragon face paint so much that you had to take a bath with a bag over it to try to keep it longer. You even slept with your yellow balloon dog for a few nights. You watched the magic show so patiently.


We went to a sunflower patch where you could run wild. You liked looking at bugs on them the best. We also stopped at youngs for a pumpkin picture.

Big slide park

We found a new park you call big slide park for good reason. You like to go down it over and over again. Sometimes getting adventurous and laying down or going backwards but not often as you are cautious. You only went down the slide after seeing another kid go first.

Orcherly park

You love that sand water table at the park. You have trouble sharing the water with other kids but will play there for an hour happily. The see saw and spinning things are a close second.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Childrens museum

We went to a new childrens museum in Cincinatti.  You loved the truck with foam rocks to shovel in and the ball room the best. They had tons of great areas like water table and supermarket too.

Friday, September 5, 2014


A few great family pictures.


You guys are great friends a lot of the time and love to be near each other. There has been a lot of fighting over toys lately, but yet other time you are wrestling and can not get enough of each other.

Silly guy

You are turning into quite the silly boy pretending to be an animal and asking for tick tock clock upside games.


We went to a BBQ with daddy's work friends and to say you had a blast wouldn't even begin to describe it. When asked about it you would say they have 1 doggie, 2 kitty cats, 5 goats, and a trampoline and ATV too. You got to feed the goats, which you thought was pretty fun. Of course the trampoline you could live on. The ATV you got to wear the helmet and that was the coolest thing ever. The cat loved you and you even got him to chase you around playing stick.

Water time

We are getting in the last of water play when we can.

Ice cream

There has been a lot of ice cream trips this summer. You like cookie dough or M&M the best.