Sunday, April 21, 2013


I can't believe you turned 2 this month. We celebrated with an Elmo cupcake. Your eyes light up when you see anything Elmo so it was very fitting. You didn't eat much of it though because you were too busy playing with your shopping cart we got you. You love putting food all over the house and then back into your cart. You weighed 29 pounds 6 ounces 69% and 35 inches 90% and 51 inch head 95%


We took you to see ducks by our old apartment. This could easily be the highlight of your month. When asked what you want to do that day you quack over and over again. You waved at them and jumped up and down with excitement while squealing with delight.


For Easter we took you to an egg hunt at daddy's school, but you were too busy playing to notice the eggs. But when we got home you loved all the treats I helped you get. The next day we celebrated at our house with a basket full of snacks and toys. The hit toy was the toy story ball, but no surprise there.


We went to Columbus for the weekend to the outdoor mall and some baby shopping. The mall had a huge train set up that you fell in love with. You would have stood there all day making choo choo sounds.


Dad made you a cool fort out of the Corvette box. You love it and play it everyday.