Monday, February 11, 2013


We've been working hard on learning animal noises so when you woke up from napping Mooing over and over again I knew the perfect place to go. We went to Young's to see cows, but turns out you changed your mind and wanted to play with the goats instead.


You have been very interested in air planes lately. You even make noises as you hear them flying above our house. We took you to see tons of planes at the Air Force museum. They even had one you could sit in and pretend to fly.


We had a great family outing to Columbus children's museum. You loved the water table the best. You also liked climbing up the slides and over bridges. They even had a truck you could drive.

Play time

We've been having so much fun playing. You love all your tools. You also love dinosaurs and books the best.


We had our first big snow storm. You surprised us all by wearing boots and a hat for the first time. You loved helping shovel.