Friday, January 3, 2014


We had a great time in Miami. You went crazy for the pool and beach begging to go every morning. You were so tired from playing with Auntie Sam, Alex, Grandpa, and Nana that you were asleep before I could even tuck you in at night. Highlights include lounging in bed with Auntie Sam and Alex playing on ipads and phones, swiming back and forth from Auntie Sam to Alex, abd Riding on Grandpa shoulders. You were such a joy to travel with and I would do it again and again.


Christmas eve was very busy. We started the day getting ready for daddy's birthday with Iron man cupcakes at your request. You even helped him open his presents of tools. We had a big turkey dinner after nap and then headed out to a huge train display. You would have stayed there all day and left screaming, but it was too cold to stay long. We came home and got busy making a snowman marshmallow craft, reindeer cookies, and hot chocolate too.

The next day was Christmas and you woke up and ran to the new train tracks with every train imaginable and didn't want to play with anything else for a long while. But after you came around you went crazy for Zurg. After all those were the only two things you asked for a train that moves and Zurg. Other presents included a trampoline and leaf blower from Gammie and Pop.

Gammie and Pop

Gammie and Pop came to visit and to celebrate Christmas. We did a lot of fun things with them including a puppet show, gingerbread house, sledding, opening presents, eating mickey pancakes, and even seeing an outdoor light display that included reindeer and carriage rides. Your gifts included a work bench with lots of tools and train tracks.


We celebrated Hanukkah when we got home from Disney. Your gifts included a toy store camera, bell for your bike, cars bath toys, puzzle, art supplies, train dvd, and doctor kit. You quickly got the hang of opening presents and looked forward to them every night.