Friday, January 3, 2014


Christmas eve was very busy. We started the day getting ready for daddy's birthday with Iron man cupcakes at your request. You even helped him open his presents of tools. We had a big turkey dinner after nap and then headed out to a huge train display. You would have stayed there all day and left screaming, but it was too cold to stay long. We came home and got busy making a snowman marshmallow craft, reindeer cookies, and hot chocolate too.

The next day was Christmas and you woke up and ran to the new train tracks with every train imaginable and didn't want to play with anything else for a long while. But after you came around you went crazy for Zurg. After all those were the only two things you asked for a train that moves and Zurg. Other presents included a trampoline and leaf blower from Gammie and Pop.

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