Sunday, November 16, 2014


You dressed up as Buzz for Halloween. You were got into it this year and it was fun to see. We had your friends over for a playdate that morning with costumes and fun foods. That night you were so excited for trick or treating and walked the whole neighborhood. You didn't love a few spooky costumes or houses but didn't let that stop you. We went to AFIT trick or treating the day before. 


We spend every Monday morning at speech and have for over a year. You get to play anything you want while Sarah trys to get you to repeat certain sounds and words.


Soccer ended and you haven't asked about it since. You would rather collect leaves then play soccer. You always did what the coach asked and never complained but you weren't exactly competitive either. 


You ask to go to Boonshoft atleast every few days. Whats not to like animals, water tables, and trucks too. This month we went with Collin and again with school friends. 

Run around fun time

We had a fun family day to Run around fun time. You liked the cars and gas the best. But played in the bouncy house a lot too. You dressed up as a fireman. You played restaurant. Its a really fun place I see many future visits.