Wednesday, December 4, 2013


To say we had a blast in Disney couldn't be more true. We started off a little rough when you saw your fav character Buzz and we learned you are not a fan of characters. But after that we learned you love the rides. You are still talking about the Buzz ride where you got to shoot. You did great sleeping in a new place. You were so tired from all the running around that you slept in a stroller for the first time.

First snow

It snowed for the first time and we went out to play around quick before it melted. You had a blast throwing snow around and chasing Fenway. We came in and had hot chocolate, which you thought was fun getting to use a real mug.


You love that your brother is getting old enough to play with you more. You two love climbing all over each other and posing for pictures. You say cheese anytime you want me to take your picture. Anytime you go near your brother you expect someone to take your picture.


For Halloween you dressed up as Sully. We went to daddy's school for trick or treating. You got pretty good at saying thank you for every treat put in your bag. If you given a choice between a bowl of candy you went for the lollipops. Later that night we went trick or treating on the street and got tons more candy. I can't wait till next year to see what you want to dress up as.