Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Brotherly love

You love your brother and always want to hold his hand in the car and even share your ice cream with him. You get along for the most part until he touches your favorite toy, but that is to be expected.


We went to a really cool place called Scene 75 with indoor go karts. You got to go around with daddy a few times and of course loved it. You were screaming more and fast many times.

Birthday party fun

We went to Allie's 3rd birthday party over the weekend. You had so much fun with the party hats, noise makers, and pinata. Of course the chicken nuggets, lemonade, and cake didn't hurt either. You went to all 3 of her birthday parties hard to believe you've had a friend for so long to move 2 places together.


We went to the circus again knowing how much you liked the elephants the first time. This time was even better because we got to ride the elephant! You didn't love the clowns up close, but everything else was fun. They had bears riding bikes and lions doing tricks. The popcorn was high on your list too. You practiced screaming snow cones over and over again too.


When Papa Dick died I wanted to go to Miami to spend time with family, but didn't think it was a good place for kids. We flew to Gammie's house and you stayed there for a few days. You did fun things like see cows and eat at the Rainforest cafe. They even took you to the toy store to pick out new dinos and a train. You were so well behaved for them and enjoyed playing with all the new toys. You got to see your cousins and even go in the snow.


It's been a snowy winter and you enjoy helping daddy shovel and begging to build a snow man. You don't like when the cold snow touches you and wouldn't come into the yard to help with the snow man. You also like sledding, which means mommy pull me up the hill and push me down.