Saturday, May 25, 2013

Grandpa visit

Grandpa came to visit after Gammie left. We showed him all our hang outs including car carts at the supermarket. The play area at Mcdonalds where you got ice cream too. Boonshoft museum where you played with the recycle truck and saw all the animals. Youngs where you got even more ice cream and more animals. He even got to see your fav place playgroup and watch you with your friends.

Gammie visit

You left the hospital and went to pick up Gammie at the airport. You loved having her around. She took you to see every digger on the block on bike rides everyday. She even bought you a tball set that quickly became the only thing you will talk about. One day you even got to see the cows with her and daddy. She took you for your first ice cream cone.

Big brother

We had been telling you all about the baby and how you were a big brother for 9 months not knowing if you understood. But when the day came you did great waking up to Matt while we were in the hospital even giving him a hug and playing trucks with him. It wasn't long before daddy came to get you and brought you to the hospital to meet you brother. You weren't sure at first about everything, but quickly jumped in to help hold the bottle and look at your brother.