Sunday, March 30, 2014

Milk shakes

The highlight of the month for you could be milk shakes. Of course you didn't love it enough for it to work as a potty training bribe. But you keep asking to go back.


We found this amazing new play area in a church. We went 6 times this month since you keep begging to play church please over and over. They have slides, tunnels, and balls too.


We do a lot of fun things to keep busy around the house during the week. Beside the usual painting, play dough, puzzles, books, cars we do things like science. This week experiment was mixing baking soda with vinegar. You just liked getting to use a squeeze bottle, but the bubbling didn't hurt.

Coco Key

We tried out a water park hotel and loved it so much that we got an annual pass. You went down a few slides and cry anytime we have to leave. You are quite the fish as long as water doesn't get in your eyes.

Car help

You help daddy with many tasks in the garage. You are quite good at handing him each tool he asks for too. You will be changing the oil by yourself in no time.


As the weather gets nicer and we get out more and more you are loving it. Everyday you ask for more police car please. You are getting pretty good at steering and can even stay on the side walk. We go to the park often and ride all the swings and slides, but you like anything with climbing the best.

Air Force museum

You have been really into air planes ever since we got back from Boston. So much so that you even sleep with a model plane. It seemed only logical to take out to visit a museum full of every plane you can imagine. Of course you were more into the rideable one in the gift shop the best.