Wednesday, December 4, 2013


To say we had a blast in Disney couldn't be more true. We started off a little rough when you saw your fav character Buzz and we learned you are not a fan of characters. But after that we learned you love the rides. You are still talking about the Buzz ride where you got to shoot. You did great sleeping in a new place. You were so tired from all the running around that you slept in a stroller for the first time.

First snow

It snowed for the first time and we went out to play around quick before it melted. You had a blast throwing snow around and chasing Fenway. We came in and had hot chocolate, which you thought was fun getting to use a real mug.


You love that your brother is getting old enough to play with you more. You two love climbing all over each other and posing for pictures. You say cheese anytime you want me to take your picture. Anytime you go near your brother you expect someone to take your picture.


For Halloween you dressed up as Sully. We went to daddy's school for trick or treating. You got pretty good at saying thank you for every treat put in your bag. If you given a choice between a bowl of candy you went for the lollipops. Later that night we went trick or treating on the street and got tons more candy. I can't wait till next year to see what you want to dress up as.

Thursday, October 31, 2013


We went to get a pumpkin and you picked one that was as big as you. They also had animals like donkeys and chickens to look at. You just liked pulling the wagon around. You did let daddy pull it once it was fully loaded with pumpkin and kids.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Carol & Mary Rose

On our last day at Gammie and Pop's house Carol and Mary Rose came to see you. You instantly took to Carol and took her hand to the playroom. You two played with the cash register and hair dryer.

Patton park

The next day we went to Patton park with Gammie and Hailey, which was a really cool playground I read about. You and Hailey had tons of fun swinging together on a giant net swing. You also loved the motorcycle on springs and kept asking Hailey to sit with you on it.

Smolok Farm

We all went to Smolok farm for a hay ride through the apple orchards. Disney characters got on the ride and gave out treats like cookies and donuts. They also had tons of animals to look at. You liked the baby deer the best. We went on a wagon tractor ride too.

Birthday Party

We were lucky enough to go to Emma's 4th birthday party. You acted like such a big boy sitting at the table eating pizza and drinking out of a cup. You ran around the place like a wild man.


The next day we went and had pictures taken of all the grandkids in pajamas. You also got to play at the mall play area and go to Friendly's. You had fun taking pictures of Hailey across the dinner table. You also enjoyed going down the slides in funny ways.

Bike rides and Endicott Park

That afternoon Hailey and Emma came over to ride bikes in the driveway, which might have been the most fun you had that week. You loved the two person trike. After that we went to Endicott park where we saw animals and a playground.


A week went by fast at Grandpa and Nana's house and now it was time to spend a week with Gammie and Pop. Our first morning you helped Gammie make Mickey pancakes while watching the lawn mower crew.

Play date

We had another play date with Lily. You guys played with toys and read books. You also played in the backyard running and playing ball.

Train ride

Grandpa wanted to take you for a train ride knowing how much you like playing with them. We went on the commuter rail from Stoughton to Canton on a double decker. I'm guessing by the amount you keep talking about it that you enjoyed it.

Children's musuem

The next day we went to the children's museum with Grandpa and Auntie Sam. You liked all the tubes to put golf balls through the best. But the huge train table was a close second.

Play ground and coupons

The next afternoon we met Carrie and Lilly at the playground that I used to go to as a kid. We had a blast. You also spent the morning learning one of Nana's passion cutting coupons.


The next day we went to the Franklin park zoo with Grandpa and Nana. Your favorite animal that you still talk about was the gorilla. You enjoyed carrying around your own camera and pretending to take pictures.

Auntie Sam, Alex, and Summer

The next day Auntie Sam and Alex brought over their dog Summer who become your instant buddy. You loved throwing the ball for her in the backyard and playing chase.

Grandpa and Nana

Now it was time to bring Daddy to the airport and continue our journey to Grandpa and Nana's house for the next week and a half. You wasted no time getting comfy there and reading books and making coffee.

Imagine that

We ended the wedding weekend by meeting your cousins at a fun play place. You loved playing trains the most. The climbing area was a big hit too. Of course you just liked the attention of Hailey and Emma the best.


We flew home for you to be a ring bearer in Kate's wedding. You did a great job and exceeded all of our expectations. Not only did you walk down the aisle with a smile, but you looked so handsome doing it. After the ceremony and pictures Gammie took you back to the house for dinner, bath, and bed.

Rainforest Cafe

The next day we met Auntie Christie and your cousins Hailey, Emma, and Lucas at Rainforest cafe. You loved running around the restaurant and checking out all the animals. And your cousins couldn't have been more excited to see you after waiting months talking about this day.

Gammie and Pop's tractor

The first day we got to Gammie and Pop's house you quickly discovered the tractor and wasted no time going for a ride. The rest of the visit you climbed on it and wanted to be near it all the time.


We got you your own suitcase for the airplane, which was the cutest thing ever. You dragged it around the whole airport and even the next 3 weeks. It was packed full of toys for the plane and you did great the whole day playing.

Saturday, September 28, 2013


We went to a puppet show at the library. You were bored until they brought out a dino puppet and then it was all smiles. The best part was getting to play with the toys after. They had a train table, which is just about the greatest thing for you.


You love Friendly's and if we even say that in front of you the ice cream begging will start.


We went to the circus today and boy did you surprise us with how well you behaved. We stayed the whole thing and even went to a pre show an hour before. You liked the motorcycles riding the wire a lot, no surprise there. But the elephants stole the show for you. The whole time you kept asking when they were coming back. During the pre show we saw one eat an apple and paint a picture. Both I'm sure I will hear about for weeks to come.


Fenway loves you so much. You have become much better at being gentle and playing nicely with him. He is always excited when you wake up and jumps all over you licking.


There is no place you seem more confident or ready to play then the playground. We have been to tons of new play grounds this month. You go down every slide there. You always try the swings. Mostly you just enjoy climbing rock walls or stairs it doesn't matter what.

Apple Picking

We went apple picking as a family last weekend. You were really impressed with pulling the wagon around. They had a petting zoo too, which is always your idea of a good time. You picked apples right off the tree and wasted no time taking a big bite. Since then you have carried an apple around everywhere including a trip to the post office.

Water park hotel

After The Wilds we went to stay the night at a water park hotel.You loved that more then anything in the world. We had to carry you out screaming both days. You are such a fish and swam all around by yourself. You even amazed us both by going down every slide alone over and over again.

The Wilds

We took a family trip to The Wilds, which is bus trip around a safari. You loved it so much we are still hearing about the yucky rhino poo poo a month later.