Sunday, July 28, 2013

Gammie and Pop

Gammie and Pop came to visit and we did a lot of fun things like Youngs, Bike rides, and Fair. They got you a police car power wheel that you spent most of the weekend playing with.

Family reunion

We were lucky to have your great grandparents come visit and Aunt Stephie and Uncle Joe. You made friends fast with Stephie over walking the hotel and with Joe over his ipad.


You were so excited to have Grandpa come back to visit. You went swimming at the hotel pool and of course climbed all over him. 

Nana visit

Nana came to stay with us for a while and you made sure to read her every book we have. We had a busy time with her including the library, children's museum, painting, play dough, and fun in the sprinkler.

Water park

We had a great day at the water park and will be sure to go back this summer. You love the water and can do it all by yourself. They have a kid pool you can reach the bottom, which makes you pretty happy. They also have slides and things to climb in the big pool.


You are so into cows and anytime we drive by ask to stop by screaming MOOO. You know exactly where each field is. One day you got lucky and daddy agreed to stop and say hi to them.

4th of July

 We took you to your first 4th of July parade and even brought your own seat. You loved watching all the fire trucks go by and quickly learned to run for candy. You still talk about the super heroes from it.