Saturday, May 30, 2015


You have been practicing writing your name and getting quite good.


We live at parks when its warm


For the last week of school there was a kite flying event. It was fun to see you interact with your friends.

Playdate Allen

Allen came over to play for the afternoon. There was water beads, baseball, bikes, cooking, and see saw too.


The mall got new ride ons which are pretty cool.


We took you to the baseball field because you have been getting into playing in the yard.


You love to ride any and all bikes you can get your hands on.

Spray park

We went to the spray park with Cayden after the last day of school. There will be many more trips in our summer.

Cayden birthday party

We had a great time at Cayden's party. There was multiple snow cones and a bounce house. But none of that mattered because there was swords.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Cayden's house

We spent a few days last week in Cayden's backyard having water play dates. They have a surf board slide into a pool you went on over and over again. By the 3rd day you were on the giant slip and slide too. You didn't like getting water in your eyes from squirt guns or sprinklers, but had no issues spraying everyone else.

Max's Birthday

On Max's birthday we went to a touch a truck event where you sat in a big tire, school bus, ambulance, fire truck, tow truck, and many more fun trucks. After that we came home for nap time, but went back out to a carnival after that. You had so much fun there and went on every ride twice even by yourself on many. Your fav one was a flying helicopter you got to control how high it went.


Another birthday request was to go to the zoo so we checked out the Cincinnati zoo. Of course we had to sit with the rhino statue. They are still a running joke after seeing one poop years ago. It was a gorgeous sunny fun day.


On your actual birthday you picked to go bowling and the library so we did just that. You wanted to help me make a cake with chocolate, m&m, and marshmallows. We gave you a big wheel bike. Gammie and pop gave you a see saw. And other fav gifts at your party included all things Star wars. We had a huge Paw Patrol party for all the kids in your class and some extras too. The bounce house was the biggest hit for you. But the digger cake Leanne made was also pretty cool. 

Roller Coaster

 We got a new toy that is pretty cool. You even used it in the rain that first weekend.


We started off Easter week with an egg hunt at AFIT. You really got into it this year and filled your basket before starting on your brother's. We also did an egg hunt at home filled with legos, candy, star wars characters, and cars. You got a basket that had Star Wars figues and Paw patrol truck. We ended the week with an Easter egg hunt where the eggs dropped from a helicopter. You thought that was pretty cool.