Saturday, June 22, 2013


Every morning you watch daddy get dressed and then push him out the door while running to his car. The perfect start to your day is getting to sit on daddy's lap and push the start button to his car. Sometimes you even get to beep the horn too, which makes you smile and say beep beep for hours.


We went to the Columbus zoo for a fun day trip. Of course your favorite part was the geese, which you talk about all day. But we did see some other fun animals you enjoyed like the huge bears. The car ride home you told us over and over about the elephants big ears. You also had fun at the petting zoo with the goats and sheep. You love animals we read books about them everyday and have figurine ones to play with.

Summer fun

We have been enjoying the nice weather with lots of outdoor time. Of course it wouldn't be summer without ice cream trips and you enjoy that. You play with the water table a lot and love to splash in it.

Auntie Sam

Auntie Sam came to visit us and you took no time to show her your car bed and jump all over her. You showed her all of your trucks and dinos. She gave you lots of piggy back rides too. You loved having someone to play outside with for baseball, swings, and bike rides. We showed her your favorite places like the cows and goats at Youngs and the dogs and play area at the mall.


You have become very into diggers we drive around the neighborhood looking for them anytime we go out anywhere. We  took you to a touch a truck event in town. You got to sit on a digger and drive it. Gammie and Pop also took note of this and sent you your very own digger.