Tuesday, August 27, 2013


You are enjoying your brother now that he is old enough to play more. You also love every new toy that comes out for him. You like to take a turn with each one to test it out for him.


We love going to Young's to see the animals and eat ice cream. But this time we tried something different and played at the kid area. They have slides, corn box, bikes, and even a jump house. You loved the bikes the best, but go in the tunnel and down the slide a few times too.

Car racing

One weekend dad took you to the race track for drag racing. You loved watching all the fast cars go by. You even waved hi and bye to each one as they went racing by.

Allie playdate

It's pretty special that you have a friend in Ohio that you also had in Albuquerque. Allie came over to play one day and you loved showing her your new car. You two rode up and down the street while the dad's chased behind. 

State fair

We do lots of fun things as a family on weekends and this month was no different. We went to the Ohio state fair. We knew it would be a good time when it started with a tractor ride to the fair. After that you got to see lots of animals including cows, goats, horses, and sheep. You even got to go on a pony ride. 

Tuesday playgroup

Every Tuesday we go to playgroup. In the cold weather we went to a church, but now that is nice enough we go to a playground. You love going and look forward to it every week. You like to play in the mulch, go down the slide, and swing. Most of all you like to eat the snacks the moms bring to share.