Saturday, March 31, 2012

Birthday Party

We had such an amazing day for your first birthday party today. We had friends from workout, Gymboree, and the neighborhood too. We worked on decorations for months and it was all worth it. It was a big help to have Gammie here to help cook, set up, and clean up too. You had a blast playing with the water table we got you with all your friends. You also enjoyed your cupcake too, but who could blame you there.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

11 months

You have discovered a lot of new things this past month. You can now walk along the furniture to get the remotes and everything you shouldn't have. You have also started walking while we hold your hands for help. You have become quite the climber and love to use your chair to get to the end table more then anything else. You can pull up on even more things like the bath tub and toy box. You still love to eat everything and can do so by yourself for a lot of foods. Last night you had bites of chicken on your tray just like mommy was eating. Of course you had the usual Cheerios and graham crackers too. You like to hold the whole banana to feed yourself in the morning.

Our weekly routine hasn't changed much work out 3 mornings a week while you crawl around the gym. Gymboree one afternoon a week to play and sing with other kids. Then lots of other things like lunches and play dates.

Mommy love

You love mommy so much, in fact I am the only one who gets your big wet kisses.You follow me all over the house crawling right behind me. If I get too far away you scream till I show you I am still around.


You are very independent and make your needs known even if you can't talk. You love to explore new areas of the house any chance you get like the Tupperware draw or pantry. Lately even the bathroom is a fun new room to climb on the bath tub and toilet too.


You have become quite the monkey lately even using your chair to climb onto the end table to reach the lamp and speaker. You crawl all over the house and find everything you shouldn't like cords and dog food.