Monday, January 5, 2015


The holidays around here last a while. We started with 8 nights of Hanuka. You got things like cars and Paw patrol shirts. Then we moved on to Christmas at our house where you got things like marble maze, parking garage, and a kitchen to share. Next up a week at Gammie and Pop with lots of time with cousins. You introduced everyone to all things Paw patrol, swam, made a gingerbread house, played piano, ate snow man pancakes, ran and played on repeat. And celebrated Christmas eve with a big party and Christmas with Paw patrol everything and even a big green dragon. After that a week at Auntie Sam and Alex's house. Where you played with Summer lots, acted crazy with Alex, and read book with Nana.


The first snow of the season you begged to go outside so we did. You went sledding and shoveled. We came in for hot chocolate after of course.


We live for zoo trips. It was nice enough to head to the Columbus zoo for veterans day so we did. The rhinos are always a hit. The gorillas and elephants are fun too.

Run around fun time

We had a fun afternoon at Run around fun time. They updated a few of the rooms to include a new gym you enjoyed. The old standbys of the bounce house and restaurant and vehicles still held strong too.

Field trip

We went on a field trip to what you call the stick playground also known as the nature reserve. In the picture you can see your teacher waving bye to you at the end of the morning. You liked looking at tree roots and other items on your clipboard check list. Then the free play on tree see saws and rope balancing walk.


We went on a cruise to Mexico, Jamaica, and Haiti. We spent a day with Nana and Grandpa before and after the cruise now that they live so close to the port. On the boat you ate a lot of ice cream and bacon. You were obsessed with the carousal and wanted to ride every animal every day. The pool and beach was also a huge hit. The character meet and greet were not a hit, but no surprise there.