Wednesday, April 25, 2012

1 year doctor visit

At your 1 year doctor visit you weighed 21.11 pounds and 31 inches tall. You are sticking with the growth chart curves perfectly. The doctor was surprised you weren't walking yet since she has always said you were the most active baby she sees. She mentioned you have two teeth that are close to the surface so we will see when they decide to make an appearance.

Monday, April 9, 2012

First Birthday

Hard to believe a whole year has past. You have grown and changed so much into the little boy you are today. You are so happy and love to play with balls and climb any chance you get. Still no teeth or walking, but no rush for either. You will eat just about anything put in front of you. We switched to milk instead of formula and you don't even seem to notice. Our schedule still consists of working out and Gymboree. Sleep is great most nights 6 PM to at least 530 AM. Of course once a week you like to mix it up and throw in a night wake for good measure.


We had a great Easter. You got a basket full of cars, books, and of course some snacks too. Gammie left a push lawn mower when she visited. You loved pulling the string over and over again, but didn't like the noise it made. We enjoyed brunch with friends and you ate french toast and hash browns, but really just wanted blueberry muffins.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Santa Fe

We took Gammie to Santa Fe for the day to explore. You did great on the car ride there singing songs and playing games. You enjoyed the stroller and ergo riding around the shops. At lunch you were your typical self, you will sit nicely as long as the snacks keep coming. You love cheerios, graham crackers, and even my burger and Gammie's soup. On the way home you were overtired and not very happy, but by the time we got home you were back to your happy self.

Gammie's Visit

We were so very lucky to have Gammie come visit this weekend. She bought your first bike and took you all over the neighborhood on it. She also got to read you Good night moon recordable book so we can read it over and over again. She helped make your party a huge success too by cooking, cleaning, and serving your friends juice boxes. Of course she also gave you your first juice box and taught you how to use the straw. She came with us for your photo shoot and awed over each picture. She enjoyed seeing how big you got since Christmas since a lot has changed since then now that your mobile and developing such a personality. Who could forget your favorite part when Gammie took you to park while mommy went to workout.