Saturday, September 28, 2013


We went to a puppet show at the library. You were bored until they brought out a dino puppet and then it was all smiles. The best part was getting to play with the toys after. They had a train table, which is just about the greatest thing for you.


You love Friendly's and if we even say that in front of you the ice cream begging will start.


We went to the circus today and boy did you surprise us with how well you behaved. We stayed the whole thing and even went to a pre show an hour before. You liked the motorcycles riding the wire a lot, no surprise there. But the elephants stole the show for you. The whole time you kept asking when they were coming back. During the pre show we saw one eat an apple and paint a picture. Both I'm sure I will hear about for weeks to come.


Fenway loves you so much. You have become much better at being gentle and playing nicely with him. He is always excited when you wake up and jumps all over you licking.


There is no place you seem more confident or ready to play then the playground. We have been to tons of new play grounds this month. You go down every slide there. You always try the swings. Mostly you just enjoy climbing rock walls or stairs it doesn't matter what.

Apple Picking

We went apple picking as a family last weekend. You were really impressed with pulling the wagon around. They had a petting zoo too, which is always your idea of a good time. You picked apples right off the tree and wasted no time taking a big bite. Since then you have carried an apple around everywhere including a trip to the post office.

Water park hotel

After The Wilds we went to stay the night at a water park hotel.You loved that more then anything in the world. We had to carry you out screaming both days. You are such a fish and swam all around by yourself. You even amazed us both by going down every slide alone over and over again.

The Wilds

We took a family trip to The Wilds, which is bus trip around a safari. You loved it so much we are still hearing about the yucky rhino poo poo a month later.