Sunday, January 6, 2013

Visiting Friends

One day we took you to visit Steve and Carrie and Lilly. You loved all her toys even if you two had trouble sharing. You also loved their dog buddy so much you wanted to share his bed with him. They gave you a car that has been a big hit with you and Fenway.

Another day Kate came to visit you and much to my surprise you sat right in her lap wanting to play. You took her the ipad asking to look at cat pictures.


Next it was time to go to Nana and Grandpa's house for a week. You were so happy to see Fenway and Lily again and played chase for a long while. You had tons of fun climbing all over Grandpa and he even taught you how to make coffee including the noise it makes. You and Nana watched birds out the window every morning. Auntie Sam taught you how to cook, but soon learned you just wanted to eat and skip the cooking. Through out the week tons of people came to play with you. You got to play blocks with cousin Andrew. You learned fast Ellen was the one to go to if you wanted juice. Ben played silly games with your shoes. While Barry made silly faces at you around Grandpa.


Christmas eve you stayed awake an hour past bedtime playing with all the cousins in the playroom. But then Santa came and you fell asleep in my lap before he gave you a present. But the next morning you woke up ready to see all the presents Santa left. You got trucks that light up and make sounds, which it's amazing you opened any presents after seeing those since it's all you wanted to play with all day. You also loved a few unepxected gifts in true toddler fashion like a back scratcher and tooth paste. It was snowing outside and you loved watching it out the window. You had seen snow before, but this was the first time you were old enough to enjoy it.


We went on an airplane to stay at Gammie and Pop's house for a week. The first day you loved watching all the planes at the airport so much. But due to weather we made it nowhere. The next day we tried again and this time ended the day by going up and down the airport escalator over and over again with Gammie, which set your trip off to the right start.

The rest of the week you got to spend time with your cousins doing all sorts of fun things like visiting their cat, looking at fish, watching Gammie's crazy dogs, tractor rides and going to your new favorite place mall tots. We took you to fun places like Monkey joes and Jordans furniture too.


We celebrated Hanukkah as a family before traveling. You got some fun new toys like dinosaurs, tools, trucks, puzzles and books. You got the hang on unwrapping presents down so well that we had to hide them after the first night.