Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Play date

We have been spending a lot of time with Collin. We see him at play grounds, houses, and play places. Throw in a few Burger King lunches too.

Mall animal show

We went to yet another animal show this month and at our beloved mall. You got to pet animals and you guessed it see animal poop, which is your fav part.


We went to a fair for animals, rides, and games. You could have stayed all day talk about being in your element with all the animals. 


We have been twice to Boonshoft recently and will go back many more. They have everything from animals and trucks to water and groceries.

Cincinnati zoo

I took you guys to the zoo for dollar day and even though it was so crowded you didn't seem to mind. We saw everything you asked for and more.

New swingset

We sold our other swing set that you outgrew and bought a bigger one. You loved helping daddy put it together. And you love the new ice cream bar and swing.

Turtle show

We went to a turtle show at the library where you went nuts over turtle poop and frog pee go figure. You got to pet them too.

Mall safety event

We went to the mall for a safety event where you got to sit in firetrucks and police cars. You also were braver with charcters and even went near a few.

My birthday

For my birthday you picked out a great card for me and we had cake with sparklers too.


We have always been a fan of going to Youngs and it never stops being fun.

Splash parks

We love going to splash parks this summer and every time you get a little braver getting water in your eyes.

4th of July

You got to stay up late for fireworks for the first time. You also saw the parade. The fireworks paled in comparison to the ice cream we had while waiting for them to start. The parade was a hit because they threw candy out. You got to do sparklers and snaps and had a lot of fun.