Tuesday, February 24, 2015


We still go to weekly speech sessions. You are working on S, F, W, P sounds. You make progress all the time. 


One day this month we had a family
bowling day. You have always enjoyed this.


Today with yet another cold school day off we headed out to a bouncy house place. You loved it.

Valentines Day

You had a party at school for Valentine's day and exchanged cards with your class. I took you out for heart shaped pizza, which you got a kick out of it. Your fav part was the heart shaped jello I made for your class party you are still talking about weeks later. On the actual day we had a busy day at a new play place Jump & Jacks with a huge slide you went down many times. We also went to a new mall further away with your fav thing from the cruise a carousal. 


We have been really lucky to have made some great friends from your school. We have playdates weekly with Allen and Cayden from your school. We also have monthly playdates with Collin. We switch off houses with our friends. We also go to Boonshoft with them too.