Monday, August 29, 2011

Elephant Butte Lake

We went to Elephant Butte Lake yesterday and had a blast. You were very well behaved for the 2 hour car ride there. You napped for the first half and then got up to eat and tell us lots of stories. After we got there we walked on the beach and even stuck our toes in the water. Soon after that we met up with our friends Gaby and Josh. They were so excited to see you since last time they saw you, you were a tiny baby. We rented a boat and had a fun day on the lake lounging, swimming, and even a little snoozing. The car ride home you took another nap before requesting mommy come sit with you in the backseat and play. We sang songs and danced. You were also trying hard to find your feet after Gaby showed you where they were.

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