Tuesday, November 15, 2011

7 months

Hard to believe how much time has passed. This past month you learned to sit up and boy do you love it. You haven't quite mastered crawling, but you are trying hard. Somehow you still have no teeth, but it hasn't stopped you from eating everything that comes near you. A few recent favs Olive Garden bread stick and yogurt. You still love bananas, sweet potatoes, and graham crackers the best. You don't love peas. You are starting to eat a lot more real foods like scrambled eggs and french toast. You had your first cold this month, but it didn't slow you down and I was so happy it didn't change your awesome sleep. As for day light savings time wish I could say the same. Hopefully we will move past the 5 AM wake up soon. Music class ended this month, but don't worry because we are staying busy and will try Gymboree next.

Here you are sitting up for our holiday card shoot

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