Saturday, December 17, 2011

8 months

Time is flying by. Still no teeth and you still don't crawl despite trying real hard. You find your own way to move by kicking your feet up and over. It's not very controlled and you don't go far except in circles, but it works. We've stayed busy the past month with spouse club, Gymboree, boot camp, and lots of time with friends. You continue to try new foods all the time like spinach this week. You aren't a big fan of green vegetables unless pickles count. You still love sweet potatoes and yogurt a lot. You are also a big fan of meatballs and pasta too. We are very lucky that you are still a great sleep. You go to bed around 6 and most nights don't make a peep till 5. You got pink eye a few weeks ago, but if that's the biggest sickness in months I will consider us lucky. You hated the eye drops, but it went away really fast.

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