Friday, February 10, 2012

10 months

We celebrated your 10 month birthday by going on yet another plane ride to Dayton, Ohio. It was a quick trip filled with boring meetings, but you did great. You loved crawling on the shag rugs at the flooring store meeting. You also enjoyed eating chicken fingers at Friendly's since we don't have that in New Mexico. Your favorite thing to do was crawl around the hotel room looking at yourself in the mirror then playing with the phone and remote.

You've been keeping us very busy these days by crawling all over the house getting into every cord and dog bone possible. You are also pulling yourself to standing any chance you get. Somehow we got lucky and you still eat anything given to you. You love meatballs and bananas the best, but wouldn't say no to green beans and oranges. You love to give mommy kisses, where as with daddy you would much rather take his glasses and giggle about it.

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