Wednesday, May 9, 2012

13 months

At 13 months you still have no teeth or words and aren't walking yet either. But you can do a lot of new things. Whenever you see food or want more of a food you say MmMmMm. Anytime someone sneezes or coughs you fake cough at them and giggle about it.

This month you also discovered your love for opening up all the kitchen cabinets and even the oven and as a result we now have child locks. Along the same line the bathroom door needs to stay shut at all times or you find the toilet water and unroll the toilet paper.

You still love to eat anything and everything last night you had a whole piece of pizza for dinner and tonight you had pasta and chicken. For breakfasts you usually have cereal and fruit. For lunch you like yogurt with fruit.

You still sleep pretty well 6 to 6 on average with a few days here and there full of wake ups to keep mommy on her toes. We go to workout 3 mornings a week where you love playing with your friends and sharing snacks with them. Once a week we still go to Gymboree where you explore and climb on everything.

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