Friday, August 17, 2012

16 months

To celebrate 16 months we got on a plane and moved from Albuquerque to Dayton. You were great and slept both plane rides. We got stuck in Dallas for a long time and you made a lot of friends climbing onto the chairs and playing peek a boo with anyone who came near. You loved walking all around the gate area and made friends with a few kids hoping they would share their toys.

We had a busy month getting the house ready to move. You slept in our house like usual, then in a hotel pack and play, next up the new house pack and play. Finally to your new room set up back in a crib. You love our new house stairs and play there more then anywhere else.

In the past month you have started walking more then just a few steps here and there to full blown all over the house. No new words or foods. Still 4 teeth, but another soon to follow. Your favorite things include anything but toys: empty dog food bowls and random toiletries top the list. You enjoy cars and balls too.

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